AtiTool 0.25 Beta 5

AtiTool 0.25 Beta 5 steht bereit.

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Verbesserungen im Detail:

Beta 5:
- Load Profile now correctly loads fan settings
- Added current fan speed to main window
- Fixed 3D view not displaying after video card change
- Fixed incorrect default clocks on pre-R4xx cards

Beta 4:
- Hide "2D" label in ATI mode
- Fixed wrong default clocks for ATI
- Added kernel driver version check
- Fixed gamma manipulating wrong colors
- Different method for getting Catalyst version #
- Log file maximum size defaults to 2.5 MB now

Beta 3:
- Support for overclocking NVIDIA cards
- Fan control settings can be saved to a profile
- Reactivate dialogs now works on correct registry key
- Fan control is no longer handled by the kernel mode driver, this
means you have to start ATITool to load fan settings
- Fan control bug from B2 fixed (hopefully)
- swapped temperatures from B2 fixed
- a bug where find max would keep trying to increase the clocks after
the detected maximum from B2 fixed
- # of active vertex pipes on nv added


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