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New Features

New Products supported in the CATALYST Mobility driver? CATALYST Mobility now includes support for the following configurations (please see release notes for the full list of laptop brands that support CATALYST Mobility):

· Mobility? Radeon® X800 XT

· Mobility? Radeon® X800

· Mobility? Radeon® X700

· Mobility? Radeon® X600

· Mobility? Radeon® X300

· Mobility? Radeon® 9700 series

· Mobility? Radeon® 9600 series

Vector adaptive de-interlacing ? Catalyst 5.9 introduces vector adaptive de-interlacing algorithm using 3D shaders. The algorithm detects edges in 5 different directions. This reduces artifacts, and improves the overall de-interlacing video quality.

Battlefield 2: The game no longer exits to the Windows desktop after the game logo is displayed

· Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2: Running the Dantoonie level of the game no longer results in hesitation being noticed

· Endorphin: Running the application under Windows XP no longer results in hesitation being noticed during simulation or playback

· Terminator 3: The game no longer fails to respond and a VPU Recover message no longer occur after loading the game character

· Silent Hunter 3: Enabling all video options within the game and setting the particle density to 100, along with setting Anti-Aliasing to 6X and Anisotropic Filtering to 16x, no longer results in display corruption on the left portion of the display

· Max Payne 2: Erratic mouse pointer behavior is no longer noticed within the game's menu after a short time period of game play

· Intermittent launch failures of the Catalyst Control Center is now resolved

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