ModmyMachine zusammen mit ABIT auf der CeBIT



ModmyMachine, zu deren Team auch Technic3D zählt, wird zusammen mit ABIT während der CebIT 2006 in Hannover den Besuchern Worklogs über Modding, Wasserkühlung und Overclocking präsentieren. Die "Machine" selbst kann auf dem ABIT Stand, Halle 22/Stand B13, bewundert werden.

Zitat ABIT:

"ABIT will host a series of interactive overclocking and modding workshops. The ABIT stage will present extreme overclocking to the MAX with seminars and contests hosted by performance champion Robert "Crotale" Kihlberg, as well as some serious customization and modding demonstrations with the expert crew from the online TV-show Mod My Machine. This spring, ABIT is bringing the excitement of the entire enthusiast community to Hannover and CeBIT. ABIT is continuously supporting and working closely with the PC enthusiast community, making sure to bring the very best in performance to those with the most discerning needs, whether it is the professional gamers or the hardcore overclocking and modding crowd."


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