Catalyst 5.3 Treibervergleich

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Der Catalyst 5.3 steht nun seit einigen Tagen zum Download bereit. Jetzt nach unserem Cebit-Besuch, werden wir ihn genauer unter die Lupe nehmen.
Wie er sich gegen seine Vorgänger schlägt, werden wir gleich sehen, zuerst einige Verbesserungen im Detail:

•Call of Duty: Corruption is noticed when playing a saved game under Windows XP with an ATI RADEON™ 9100 PRO IGP series installed and having a variety of graphic options provided by the game set high. Topic number 737-674
•Farcry: Playing the game under Windows XP SP2 with the display set to 1024x768 32bpp along with AA disabled results in flashing textures being noticed when setting the game's video options to high detail. Topic number 737-10089
•Half-Life 2: Having the display set to 1024x768 32bpp and setting the video options in the game set to 1600x1200 and all other options set to their maximum values results in sluggish performance and missing textures. Topic number 737-10086
•Rainbow six3: Athena Sword: Playing the game under Windows 2000 with an ATI RADEON™ X700 installed results in the game failing to retain its resolution option of 1600x1200 if you Alt-tab out of the game and then Alt-tab back to the game. Topic number 737-535
•Serious Sam: The Second Encounter: Playing the game for approximately 5 to 10 minutes under Windows XP with the game quality set at normal/default, results in display corruption being seen in the menu. Topic number 737-10090
•Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2: Playing the game under Windows XP with an ATI RADEON 9800 series installed, results in display corruption being noticed when changing the in-game options from low to maximum Topic number 737-10091
•Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic: Loading the Dantooine level of the game under Windows XP results in slow game performance Topic # 737-10092
•Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2: Setting the graphic option in the CATALYST™ CONTROL CENTER to Optimal Quality, followed by launching the game and setting the resolution option to 1600x1200, results in a performance drop being noticed. Topic # 737-10093
•Assigning a hotkey to increase the overlay gamma results in the hotkey not functioning properly when playing an MPEG using the Windows Media Player. Topic number 737-494
•The Apply button in the Custom settings of the Advanced mode found under the CATALYST™ CONTROL CENTER Video standard settings is grayed out when playing a media file. Topic number 737-497
•Installing the display driver and the CATALYST™ CONTROL CENTER, results in a runtime error and the system tray failing to start when attempting to create multiple user accounts and enabling fast user switching. Topic number 737-10084
•The CATALYST™ CONTROL CENTER installation currently does not check for the installation of Microsoft .Net Framework before preceding with the install, resulting in an error message being displayed when attempting to launch the CATALYST™ CONTROL CENTER. Topic number 737-10085
•Setting the desktop display to 800x600 or 1600x1200 16/32bpp results in the incorrect display resolution information being provided when checking the video control panel in the CATALYST™ CONTROL CENTER. Topic number 737-10087
•Using the ATI Problem Report Wizard under Windows XP SP2 with an ATI RADEON X850 XT installed results in an error message appearing when clicking the Finish button for the problem report. Topic number 737-10088
•Hesitation and display corruption is noticed when moving an MCE window from the primary display device to a secondary TV or DVI display device. Topic number 737-114987

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